Neira E (5)

Dr Haack and Dr Cilla are the best!! I recently had my wisdom teeth pulled and the appt went great!! Dr Haack even called after hours to check up on me make sure i was doing ok. It couldnt have gone any better. Thanks again!

Anonymous (5)

The Staff is increadible. We love Amy!! She Rocks!!

Anonymous (5)

My visit was very smooth - didn't have to wait long to get in the chair, the cleaning was painless and quick.

John R (5)

Almost like a family visit. Of course it has been for 34 years!

Jessica O (5)

The staff is always friendly and down to earth. I am in/out in a timely manner which is great since I'm always in a hurry.

Sharon L (5)

I am a real wuss about dental work. Both Doctors calmed me down and did excellent work. kThey both have a delightful sense of humor. I wish they still took medicaid so the grandchildren we are adopting would have such a special dentist.

Reyna M (5)

I love the services that Dr Cilla and Dr Haack provide. They make you feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation the dreaded dentist chair. They have lots of options to make me less anxious.

Rochelle R (4)

I am now able to relax when going to the dentist. Sedation Denistry is the way to go to relieve the fear of dentists. The staff was very nice and made me feel very comfortable and helped me release this phobia I have carried for years.

Mike L (5)

I hate going the dentist but that is not your fault, with that said everything was very good at the last visit.

Todd T (4)

Everyone was very kind. I appreciate that. I am very happy with the process and results. I don't remember the name of the dental hygentist/assistant who was in on the procedure, but she was especially kind and comforting to me, and apprehensive patient. Sorry I took off Dr. Haack's finger during the process.



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Phone: 616-942-9040

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