Mark M (5)

Dr Haack was totally in tune with my concerns and fears. We worked up a treatment plan that was well thought out and took my budgetary constraints into consideration. I'm looking forward to a trip to the dentists' for the first time in my life!

Mark M (5)

A complete pro, Dr Haack put me at ease,painlessly hooked me up to the iv for sedation and extracted 2 wisdom teeth and put in 4 fillings, all in around 3 hours! His gracious staff even gave my sister (my designated driver)a shawl, as it was chilly in the waiting room. For the first time ever, I'm LOOKING FORWARD to my next visit! My teeth and my fragile psyche have never had it so good!

Jenny Z (5)

I was seen as scheduled. The Dr. spent the necessary time. (I didn't feel like I was in the typical dental mill) Their concern for how my teeth LOOK was greater than mine! Is that possible?

Todd T (5)

Very Nice, your new hygentist is a very nice person and fun to talk to.

Lindsey S (5)

Everyone is so friendly and the Dr is so every nice. You feel at home here!

John G (5)

As always the ladies are excellent the cleaning feels good and dentist takes time to explain and talk with up.

Neal B (4)

Everything went well. Last night I used the left upper molar crown to munch on my food.

Matthew B (5)

If you are looking for a dentist office that the staff strives to embody the spirit of a servant, than you have found it here. I had alot of anxiety issues with dental work, and they catered to my needs to make the work i needed done, wich was quite extensive, as painless as possible. How painless? the hardest part was waiting to be seated in the chair, after that, I had a small IV placed in my arm, and don't remember a thing untill i awoke in my bed at home later that afternoon, all i've had to take for pain is a couple over the counter ibuprofen, and that was mostly for the swelling. The staff is friendly, and not just in a proffesional coordial manner, in a caring way also, you can tell they want to make you better, and do whatever is needed to make that happen.

Jeanne L (5)

You guys are great! You make going to the dentist fun and educational!

Anonymous (5)

The hygienist and Dr. Haack were very thorough, but also friendly and attentive to our needs.



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Phone: 616-942-9040

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