Rebecca G (5)

Dr. Haack and his team are wonderful!

Barbara H (5)

I am so happy I found you. I'm not very comfortable at the dentist but you made my appointment very easy. Everyone in your office is very welcoming. I look forward to coming back which is not easy for me to say. Thank you for helping me and making my visit stress free.

Tabitha H (5)

Every time I get my teeth cleaned I sincerely enjoy it, not because I love the gritty feel of the tooth paste, but because the staff are very nice and I like how the same girl who cleans my teeth always remembers me! It makes the scaryness of a trip to the dentist office go away!

Neira E (5)

Dr Haack and Dr Cilla are the best!! I recently had my wisdom teeth pulled and the appt went great!! Dr Haack even called after hours to check up on me make sure i was doing ok. It couldnt have gone any better. Thanks again!

Jessica O (5)

I always enjoy my dental visits. The staff is always friendly and attentive. It's worth the drive!

Henry R (5)

The entire staff was really kind and explained everything this is hands down the best dentist place I have ever been to.

Neal B (5)

I was on time, and I was called in on time.All went well.

Tammi D (5)

We've been going to Dr. Haack for four years now and we are so glad we found him!

Amanda S (5)

I was terrified of the dentist for years and had a hard time going, due to a bad experience with an insensitive dentist. I had a lot of work to be done on my teeth because of it. Dr. Haack and his team changed my fears into excitement! They made it so comfortable for me. When I started, I had to take medicine to calm me, but now I am able to walk right in and feel good about seeing the dentist. Dr. Haack can be silly, and the girls there make me feel so welcome... very positive environment. I couldn't ask for a better dentist and staff!! 5 stars guys... great job!

Marjorie S (5)

Exceeded expectations



6809-F Cascade Rd SE
Grand Rapids, MI, 49546
Phone: 616-942-9040

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